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10 Nutrition Rules for Busy People to Eat Healthy 

Eating healthy can be tough, especially when you’re pressed for time. But even if you don’t have the luxury of a full-time chef or nutritionist, you can still make healthy eating choices. Here are 10 nutrition rules that will help you make smart food decisions.

1. Planning is everything – Whether it’s meal prepping or grocery shopping, planning ahead and having healthy ingredients ready to go makes it easier to make good decisions when hunger strikes. 

2. Don’t skip breakfast – Eating a nutritious breakfast helps jump start your metabolism and keeps energy levels up throughout the day. Try oatmeal with fruit and nuts or an egg scramble with veggies for a hearty morning meal. 

3. Make protein a priority – Protein is essential for repairing muscle tissue and keeping your appetite in check throughout the day. Try adding grilled chicken or fish to salads or making protein shakes with almond milk, bananas, and natural peanut butter. 

4. Get creative with your carbs – Instead of snacking on processed chips or cookies, choose complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads, quinoa, and sweet potatoes as snacks or side dishes for dinner meals. 

5. Cut out added sugar – Added sugar has no nutritional value; instead it increases risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease as well as contributes to weight gain and fatigue. Skip sugary drinks like soda pop and juices in favor of water infused with fresh fruit slices or herbal teas steeped overnight in the fridge.  

6. Eat seasonally – Eating produce harvested during its peak season tastes better than imported produce shipped from across the world and supports local farmers who practice sustainable agriculture practices—a win-win!  

7. Balance your plate – Aim to fill half of each meal plate with colorful vegetables (think broccoli, bell peppers) while splitting the other half between lean proteins (chicken breast) and complex carbohydrates (brown rice).  8. Eat mindfully – Mindful eating means focusing on what you’re eating instead of distractedly scarfing down food while working or watching tv—it also allows us to pay attention to our body’s signals so we don’t overeat!  

9. Indulge mindfully – Enjoying occasional treats doesn’t have to mean blowing all your hard work—just be mindful about portion sizes and choosing healthier options where possible (like dark chocolate over milk chocolate).   

10 . Hydrate often – Staying hydrated helps digestion and boosts energy during workouts—try carrying around a reusable water bottle filled with cold water flavored with lemon wedges or cucumber slices throughout the day! 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated; just following these ten nutrition rules can help make it easier! Plus, here at Shark Bite Fitness we’re committed helping busy people like you develop healthy habits that last a lifetime—let us know if we can help propel you toward reaching those nutrition goals faster than ever before! Just reach out here:

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