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Anna’s Retiring!

4 years is a LONG time.

Imagine waking up every day at 3:45 am, driving to the gym, opening up, and having the energy to get everyone else excited as they’re walking in. That’s what Anna has always done, and she’s been the definition of a Coach for 4 years.

Anna has been one of the true cores of fitness Cape Coral since just after we started. At the end of January, Anna will be moving on from her time as a Coach, but we’ll still see her (nearly) every day, as an athlete kicking all the guy’s butts at the 5am class.

Tomorrow morning is Anna’s final shift. We wanna take a minute of your time, to thank Coach Anna. For the amazing work she’s done for CFCC. For the inspiration she’s been for the athletes and other Coaches. For the awesome person she is.

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