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3 Ways to End 2019 on a Good Note

We are officially in the last month of 2019. The last month of this decade!

The last 20 days of 2019.

These days, of course, include a lot of holidays and celebrations.

Many people struggle during this time of year and let those struggles define their entire year. You work hard all year long and then the stress of the holidays, and temptations of various holiday foods and beverages get the best of us. We get it!

To help you get through the next 20 days, we want to give you some practical tips to end this year on a good note.

  1. Schedule your exercise. Look at the next 20 days and schedule at least 3 workouts per week. Staying active is not only great for staying on track with body composition goals but is a great way to combat seasonal depression and the stress of the holidays. Pro tip: use your calendar and block out time ahead of time!

  2. Log your food. Logging your food is a great way to stay accountable to eating healthy foods. You can even pre-log your food at the beginning of your day or the day before if you know that you may be facing extra temptations. Going into a stressful event like a holiday gathering with a plan for success is a great way to stay on track. Planning ahead can relieve stress and temptation.

  3. Enlist the help of an accountability partner. We all need a person that holds us accountable to our goals and helps us from derailing. We need someone to remind us why we started when we can’t remember. We all have tough days and having someone to trust during our difficult days can help us stay the course and keep making healthy choices. Your nutrition coach is a great resource around the holidays.

The last 20 days of this year and the accompanying stress and holidays do not need to distract you from your health and wellness goals. If you need help to stay on track and keep accountable to your goals, we are here to support you.

Let’s be our best selves as we wrap up 2019.

As we look towards a new decade and a new year, let’s plan on creating even more sustainable healthy habits. Not sure where to start or need support doing this? We’ve got you covered.

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Katie Onufer CF-L1, is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and CFCC Nutrition’s Head Coach.

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