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Making Changes Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Change does not have to be hard, or scary, or overwhelming.

Although it can be a struggle sometimes, it’s inevitable in life. As we age our bodies change.

Many of us work in an atmosphere that doesn’t involve lots of movement and over time, we gain weight. Starting with working on a few basic habits can help get the ball rolling. Things, like getting up from your desk and stretching every hour, is super important! 

You don’t have to change everything all at once.

We are used to instant gratification and expect everything to happen overnight, but unfortunately when it comes to making body composition changes, slow and steady is the best route. You don’t have to tackle 15 different things a day. Picking one or two things to focus on for a few weeks allows us to adjust to a new normal.

You don’t have to be hungry.

The idea that extreme calorie deficits or giving up carbs is the best way to lose weight is ludicrous. Simple swaps and cutting back on processed foods can make all the difference in the world.  If you are hungry, you will eventually binge. The cycle of restriction and binging is often what causes failure when dieting. At CFCC Nutrition, we can show you the way to avoid this.

You don’t have to fear the terms carbs, macros, and calories.

As a matter of fact, we won’t even worry about tracking them if it stresses you out! Simple things like adding more veggies into your diet and drinking more water throughout the day can reap huge benefits!  You may find that over time you’ll want to dig deeper into exactly what you’re consuming and how it’s affecting you, but until then, we can focus on the very basics.

You don’t have to give up the foods you love.

Our clients still enjoy pizza and ice cream! You can fit these items in without stress or guilt. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re eating, then you will binge. Creating a lifestyle change allows for you to build in the items that you love in a sustainable way. Changing your mindset about what you want to eat and how it makes you feel is so important. That being said, nothing is off limits.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym.

Thinking that if you just exercise more, harder, or with heavier weights is not correct. Overtraining does more harm than good! Oftentimes getting good rest is where you see the biggest changes. Did you know that the hormones that control your appetite and cravings are directly affected by the amount and quality of sleep that you get?

You don’t have to eat rice cakes and kale salads.

The convenience of easy to cook meals and fast food has become the norm. We can help you rediscover how to cook simple, nutritious meals. Adding in fresh fruits and veggies will help you to feel better, but you don’t have to force yourself to stomach items you don’t care for.  We start with where you are, eating foods you enjoy.

Does this sound like you?

It doesn’t have to be this way and making changes doesn’t have to be difficult. By implementing small habits over time, you’ll see big changes. Working with an expert will take the stress away with not knowing where or how to start. We can sit with you, understand where you’re at, and where you want to go. By learning what your goals are, we can help you implement an easy strategy.  

Making changes doesn’t have to be hard! 

You don’t have to go it alone and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. As we work together to put new habits into place they become like second nature and at that point, we build upon them.  Our coaches have the experience to work with you in building a pathway to success.

Reaching your goal can be simple when you have someone to help you along the way.

Come in, chat with us, and let’s figure this out together. Click here for a free No Snack Intro.

Katie Onufer CF-L1, is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and CFCC Nutrition’s Head Coach.

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