Anna’s Retiring!

Imagine waking up every day at 3:45 am, driving to the gym, opening up, and having the energy to get everyone else excited as they’re walking in. That’s what Anna has always done, and she’s been the definition of a Coach for 4 years.

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Head down, ears open, eyes up

He was getting angry, getting tired, getting frustrated and failing. But he just kept trying to run through that brick wall over and over again.

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How I Found fitness, and Why I Stick with it (Nick)

I found fitness while I was in the Army. I thought I was insanely fit because I ran every day, ruck-marched, and I’d been to Iraq and survived twice already. I’d heard about fitness from some other soldiers, mostly officers, and thought it was SUPER lame, but just like most people that “hate on” things, I had no idea what I was talking about.

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