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When we talk to our members, they almost ALL say that the thing that kept them from starting with us was how nervous they were beforehand.

And in almost ALL of our No Sweat Intro meetings, people tell us how nervous they are to get started. 

But that’s not specific to the gym.

When we start ANYTHING new, one word comes to mind: intimidation. New things are totally scary, and that’s totally normal!

In anything new, we have a couple different (understandable) fears that cause that intimidation:

  1. The worry that we won’t be able to do it
  2. The worry that we’ll look (or FEEL) stupid trying to do it

Well here’s the trick: we know that! And EVERYONE here felt that way at one point!

At Shark Bite, we don’t just understand the intimidation factor, we meet it head on.

Not only are we professional, good at helping you get strong or lose weight or whatever other physical goal you have. But we’re also real people, who truly care, and we remember how scary that feeling is.

Here’s how we help with that:

  1. Everybody starts with a plan made SPECIFICALLY for them, with a 1 on 1 coach. And I mean everybody. Whether you’re Lebron James, or his grandma, you’re starting with 1 on 1 training, so we can help set you up for success in the long term. That way we can work with your specific hurdles, we can help you learn exactly what weights to use, and we can help you feel far more confident about just being IN the gym.
  2. Our group classes are designed to be able to fit anybody in, and provide everybody with the best level of fitness for themselves. So if we’re squatting in today’s class, guess what? We’re ALL squatting! We might squat in different ways and with different weights (depending on our current skill level and what our coaches have us working on), but nobody has to wonder, “What am I doing today?” because we’re all doing it together!

And the result of that? Well, as my friend Josh said, “The trainers are awesome! I feel like my fitness goals are catered to me, the workouts are challenging and fun, and the environment is super positive!”

And there likes the trick: When you know the trainers have your best interest at heart, and you have the right guidance, and you feel safe to try, THAT’S when you can really start to hit your goals.

And the fitnessing might be how we choose to do it, but we’re really just trying to help ya be better. 

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