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14 Things I’ve Learned From My Time at Shark Bite

The “gym” is a lot of different things to different people.

This is a random list of things I’ve learned from working with the coaches and athletes of Shark Bite, and from doing fitness in general.

  1. I can do way more than I ever thought I could.
  2. The simplest workouts? Those are the hardest. The opposite is usually the case as well.
  3. Even now, after all these years, when another coach tells me something, they’re usually right.
  4. Learning something new is still really fun.
  5. Twenty minutes can actually take an hour (especially if burpees are involved).
  6. Encouraging others is the most fulfilling thing I can possibly do.
  7. Getting that same encouragement back feels GREAT.
  8. I love working out with a bunch of other people.
  9. I wish I’d started jump roping WAY earlier in life.
  10. Getting good at something happens from doing a little bit for a long time, NOT a lot all at once.
  11. The strongest muscle in my body is between my ears. Working out REALLY strengthens this one.
  12. Almost nothing feels as good as shutting my brain off to the outside world, and focusing on a workout.
  13. It’s still REALLY cool to climb a rope.
  14. Getting to the gym is usually the hardest part. Once I’m there, it’s all gravy.

Hope your day is going well!

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