Failing to Fail

When you hear the word failure – do you immediately think of something negative? Something you try to avoid? Something you’re afraid of? The truth …

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What’s the Fitness For?

When I was in college, we were studying for a big final, and I told my classmates that I had to get out of there, …

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Find Your Tribe

Jim Rohn says, “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Quarantine was a scary time for a lot of …

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Back Squats or Front Squats?

What’s better for you, back squats or front squats? If you have been asking this question, then you are in good company, and quite possibly …

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Just Try

My biggest struggle in the army, by far, was working with the people who didn’t try. Not people who were bad at their jobs, but …

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So there I was

Every cool story begins with, “so there I was,’ so I may as well start my first official blog, (not a bad streak for 47 …

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When we talk to our members, they almost ALL say that the thing that kept them from starting with us was how nervous they were …

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How I fell in love with fitness – Wynter

I’ve always been an athlete- I fell in love with basketball before anything else. When I played in college, I could honestly eat whatever I …

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14 Things I’ve Learned From My Time at Shark Bite

The “gym” is a lot of different things to different people. This is a random list of things I’ve learned from working with the coaches …

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Let’s all just… Take a Breath

Let me say that title again: Let’s all just take a breath. Now, I don’t mean that in a condescending way, but more of a …

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