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Scary Moments

Over the past month or so, I found myself in some sketchy situations.

One of these times, I was jump roping, and I whacked someone with my jump rope. I’d sort of lost track of where my jump rope was going, and how far I was hopping, and I caught someone else in the shin. Sorry Mike!

Another time, I was doing snatches, and I was super tired, and I always say not to do this, but it still happened. I dropped the bar overhead, and I didn’t control it on the way down. The weight wasn’t very heavy, so it bounced about 4 feet to my right. Luckily nobody was standing or sitting there, but… crap.

A different time, I was practicing handstands in a corner of the gym. I made sure I was clear (I’ve got some long limbs…), and started working. I went up, slipped, came back down. No biggie. Went up again, came back down again, still no problem. I went up for a 3rd time, started to come back down, and then noticed that someone (a very SMALL someone) had wandered into the area where my very heavy legs were coming down very fast. I barely missed landing on them, and it was a terrible feeling. Wow.

I bring these up to show that all of us, myself included, can get a little out of control sometimes during our workouts. We try our best not to, but it can still happen.

This is why we don’t allow children or dogs out on the gym floor. As much as I want Wiz (my amazing weiner dog) in the gym with me at all times, I’m aware that someone else (or even me!) might not be totally prepared for where he might go during a workout.

We totally understand that this is different than some other gyms, and that’s ok. Our primary goal at fitness Cape Coral is to help build you up to the absolute best version of yourself. The last thing we’d ever want, is for someone to get hurt when it could’ve been avoided.We understand that other gyms will bend those rules, or not have them at all, but here? We care far more about your safety (and that of your children and pets), than we do about gaining or losing a membership

Now let’s get back to training! See ya soon.

Nick Habich is the Owner and Head Coach at fitness Cape Coral. He is a fitness Level 2 Trainer, a Certified Athletic Trainer, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

 Photo: Patrick O’Photos
Photo: Patrick O’Photos

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