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4 Ways to Get the Most out of your Gym Membership

With the new year upon us, we know that you probably have goals you want to achieve right now, just like everyone else. Oftentimes, we’ll look for something “new” to add to the routine. Instead of having to add something new, let’s make sure to use all of the things you’re already paying for! I want you to get the MOST out of your membership, and see the BEST results possible, so check these out:

  1. Commit to making it to the gym at least 3 times per week (on average).

This might not seem like a lot at first look, but we are all busy people, and making it in more than that might not be realistic right now. 3 times per week is SO much more than 1 or 2. If you can pull this off, that means you’re getting at least 150 workouts in this year! If 3 per week becomes easy, then think about upping it to 4 or even 5, but the most important thing you can do this year is lock down at least 3 workouts per week. 

  1. Reserve your classes for the week (instead of 10 minutes before coming to class).

Our gyms use an app to reserve classes (so coaches can be more prepared for who’s coming to class that day), but an added benefit of using that app is that we’re making a mental commitment to actually go to the gym when we use it! We are all SO busy. If we don’t prioritize our workouts by putting them in our calendar early, then of course we’re going to have things come up that push them off of our schedule. Waiting until 30 minutes before you go to the gym to reserve is a great recipe for “something coming up” that stops you from getting your workout in. Make it easier on yourself by committing to making it in earlier in the week.

  1. Once you reserve your classes: don’t unreserve!

This one sounds obvious, but it’s not! Your workout time is the time that you’ve committed to making yourself a priority. Don’t push yourself to the back of the line. You joined the gym, you know that working out makes you feel better, you deserve to get the benefits of that. Once you reserve a class: commit to the class and to yourself.

  1. Use your Athlete Check Ins

Every 90 days or so, one of our coaches should be reaching out to you about a sit down. These are already part of your membership (and should be at EVERY coaching based gym), so use them! The goal of Athlete Check Ins is to sit down with you, find out more about what you’re trying to accomplish (right now), and then help you do EXACTLY that. Are you trying to lose more body fat, but it’s not happening right now? Let us guide you in the right direction during your workouts. Are you trying to put on muscle and get stronger? We can coach you through how to modify your workouts to do exactly that! Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not making gains? We got you. You’ll also get to use our awesome Inbody body composition tracker, so you can get ACCURATE measurements of where you’re currently at.

**EXTRA CREDIT** If you’re working with a nutrition coach, you need to communicate with your coach! If you feel like you’re not doing well on your progress or your habits or your eating, that’s COMPLETELY ok. Let your coach know, ask for more guidance, let us hold you accountable so you can hit those goals you were looking for originally

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