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Find Your Tribe

Jim Rohn says, “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Quarantine was a scary time for a lot of people. It was scary for me as a gym owner. I was nervous about the future of our business, about the careers of our employees, and about the health of our members and friends.

Members were dropping, online fitness programs were booming, people were choosing to spend their money on elaborate home gyms, coaches were getting tired. 

It wasn’t nearly as long for us as it was for people in other places (thankfully), but the isolation had a profound effect on people.

We’re not completely through the world event that this pandemic has caused, but people are understandably looking for their return to normal. People are looking for their return to community. People are returning to their book clubs, to their churches, and to their gyms. 

People are looking to return to THEIR PEOPLE.

We’ve found ways to enjoy lots of things in new ways over the last year. But some things can’t be replicated.

Some things are just different in person. The buzz of the energy. Your friends pushing you to new heights. Your coaches keeping you on track. Thinking that you couldn’t possibly do another rep, but the people around you making sure that you do.

The smiles and confidence and encouragement that is like no other. The feeling you get from your tribe.

5am doesn’t feel too early and 6pm doesn’t feel too late, when you have those people. Your day to day tasks don’t feel as insurmountable, when you have those people. Your accomplishments feel even greater, when you have those people. 

There’s something incredibly special about a group of people that suffer and sweat together.

Find your tribe.

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